ArtCulture PR is a global project management firm specializing in exhibition, facility operations, integrated marketing, media and publishing to reach broad audience.  We work closely with our clients to develop meaningful and insightful services that are customized for each project.

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Visual ideas, concepts, themes, and forms encapsulated in a collection of artworks and projects, assembled to express, supplement and become intrinsic to the design and functionality of an environment, and, in so doing, enhancing our experience of it.   ArtCulture PR creates innovative art + creative services to fulfill the unique needs of our clients.

ArtCulture PR provides our clients with specialist knowledge needed to bridge the gap between global and local ventures. Our concierge services are designed to reduce costs by allowing our clients to delegate detail-oriented, multi-faceted tasks with confidence. Worldwide connections and resources are utilized to handle our client’s needs to exact specification.

Sin City Gallery encourages patrons to think with the senses and feel with the mind. Sin City Gallery exhibits sophisticated, alluring and thought-provoking contemporary art in Las Vegas. Globally renown for exhibiting hundreds of exhibitions on and off The Strip, the gallery presents an array of international established and emerging artists. The gallery embraces a Kunthaus methodology to its programming and exhibition locations.

Sin City Gallery is regularly featured in the press for its finely curated exhibitions. An established gallery with an outstanding reputation, Sin City Gallery was awarded the coveted prize of Best Gallery in Nevada and is listed among the Best 25 Art Galleries in America by the American Art Awards.


A unique force in today’s art world, fine art curator and director Dr. Laura Henkel possesses expertise in contemporary and modern art, and has years of experience overseeing museum and gallery exhibitions.  Well respected for her understanding of the art market, historic knowledge of avant garde art, erotica and collecting the obscure, Dr. Henkel has a become a key figure in the exhibition and interpretation of provocative art that pushes the boundaries of experimentation. She is relied on by international artists, collectors, and museums for her unparalleled expertise and frequently worldwide for special projects.

12 Inches of Sin features sophisticated, intelligent, witty and provocative artworks from around the world.  The juried exhibition explores about eroticism and sensuality through the lens of contemporary art.

In its seventh year, the annual juried art exhibition explores the diverse landscape of sexuality through the lens of contemporary art, with a twist: every piece submitted for consideration may not exceed one one-foot square in measurement. This scale allows a certain challenge to emerge for each artist in hand with an astonishing tension between subject matter and material. The project strives to foster artistic practice that embodies cutting-edge creativity and diversity of the contemporary art world.

The globally recognized project, its partnering and community outreach efforts, and programs are part of a dedicated initiative promoting educational dialogues about human diversity and sexuality. Within this methodology, the exhibition seeks to move beyond the idea of produced sexuality and offer an alternative, inclusive and meaningfully personalized view of human identity, sexuality, gender and expression.

To date, artists from 23 countries have submitted to the juried art exhibition.