The 705 Erogenous Zone by Aaron Sheppard (2017)

“Dr. Laura Henkel’s programming is incredible and thought-provoking. It brings awareness that few are willing to move forward. As a leader, she elevates communities to be more aware, more worldly, and ultimately better.” – Marc Abelman, Las Vegas Arts Commissioner


“Dr. Henkel is a consummate professional; she presents herself with clear goals and objectives, demonstrates the energy and drive to accomplish those goals, realistic perspectives to know what such goals and objectives would rally others to work for her. With her ability to engage with others, her organizational skills, creative vision, and propensity to learn new things, there is no doubt that Dr. Henkel will continue to excel.” – Dave Gussak, PhD, ATR-BC, Chair, Department of Education, Florida State University


“I call Laura my secret weapon. She unleashed me upon the world with her positive energy, her lack of fear, and her ability to get things done. She opened doors for me that I never imagined could be opened. In just over two years, we have accomplished a great deal together. And to top it off, she is a wonderful person and a delight to work with.” – James Stanford, Artist and Publisher of Smallworks Press


Long Journey Home, Wook Jang Cheung, The Shops at Crystals (2013)

“Laura is a true pleasure to work with. She’s organized, diligent, sincere and trustworthy. She has truly given my art career a boost. I always took forward to our interactions as she brings a positive energy to everything she engages with. She is a bright light with compassion, comprehension, knowledge and dedication. The Art World is blessed to have Laura engaged.” – Will Roger Peterson, Co-Founder, Burning Man


“Laura is dedicated to her profession and brings great technical skill and vision to it. She brings to her clients great intelligence, dedication, and enthusiasm. I continue to utilize the customized service she provided to me many years ago. I highly recommend her and ArtCulture PR.” – Dale Mathis, Artist


“Laura Henkel has provided appraisals for several art donations received by The Kinsey Institute. Her work is thorough, well researched and accurate, with great attention to detail.” – Catherine Johnson Roehr, Supervisor, Indiana University Libraries



Book Release April 2019, Smallworks Press

“Dr. Laura Henkel developed a first-rate educational component and established collaborations with such educational institutions as the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, serving as both a learning facility and public resource. She also developed an effective visitor-outreach program that brought international attention. In addition, she conceived, planned, built, and curated many art exhibits and events that were well attended and well covered in local and national media. Laura’s commitment, connections, and vision, I believe, are invaluable.” Dennis McBride, Director, Nevada State Museum