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Not Kid Stuff

Las Vegas-based Iranian artists Ali Fathollahi and Nanda Sharifpour landed in Istanbul, Turkey, the day before the terrorist attacks at Ataturk Airport this summer, finding

Creating Questions with Art

Ali Fathollahi is an Iranian-American artist based in Las Vegas. All his experiences, from being an expatriate of Iran to moving from city to city,

Mermaid Parade

Paint This Desert, an arts and culture blog, published my experiences of attending the 1st annual mermaid parade, Bearded and Shucked, in Joshua Tree, California

Sexy Cyborg Pin-Ups

“Good news for fans of high-heeled cyborg women in fetish gear: Las Vegas’ own Sin City Gallery is set to exhibit 50 original works by

Laura Henkel’s 12 Inches of Sin

“Sin City Gallery’s annual juried art show of erotic art always provokes and inspires, but this year, is doing so on an unparalleled scale. Gallerist

Intimately Female

Sin City Gallery is delighted to announce Intimately Female, a striking contemporary look at unique artistic expressions from a diverse group of exceptionally talented female

Culture of the Senses

Culture of the Senses features Francois Dubeau’s Seductive Simplicity, 12 Inches of Sin, Sin City Gallery and so much more. > Read More

The Art of the City – Niche Media

Niche Media LLC presents ‘Art of the City’ Art of the City showcases a curated collection of some of the nation’s leading emerging artists and